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Minimal Site Disruption


Quick Installation


Ideal for Airspace

Why Modular Superstructures?

Offsite module production minimises site disruption and the typical install time for a weather-protected structure is often just a few days - particularly well-suited to projects where return on investment is essential or onsite time is limited.

Our primary building material, structural insulated panels (SIP), are ideal for building upwards into airspace as their lightweight nature means that the loading weight issues accompanying traditional construction are avoided.


Floor area is maximised due to minimal thru wall sections - giving you more square footage to live in or rent out


Pitched roof space is always open and usable which no need for purlins and more space for you to make use of


SIPs ensure excellent thermal performance, reducing your ongoing energy costs


Factory-controlled engineering means a more accurate build, with less material waste and sustainable design


Access restrictions present no issue, as modules can be easily craned into place. Ideal for difficult sites

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