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Minimal Site Disruption


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Ideal for Airspace

School Extensions

SIPs in both modular and onsite build formats are ideal for school extensions, as it allows you to extend your existing buildings quickly and with the minimum of disruption to pupils and staff.  Once installed, your main contractors can finish the building to your exact specifications.


Fast install - Offsite construction means that expansion projects can be completed quickly, typically within school holidays and inset days


Safe for children - the fast nature of installation means that construction materials and contractors are onsite for a much shorter period of time, reducing any health and safety risk to pupils


Fully fitted classrooms - we'll work with your preferred suppliers or offer a turnkey solution to ensure kitchens, WCs, fire doors, lighting and all other fittings are installed as part of the offsite build process. In some circumstances, we can also supply fully-fitted units


Fast design and fabrication service, and can work with existing drawings


Long term builds - modular construction has traditionally been seen as a short term solution to space issues, our superstructures can equally provide permanent classrooms and teaching blocks for your school


The thermal properties of our primary construction material SIP is better than provided by most traditional builds, meaning lower ongoing energy costs for your school. In times of rising gas and electricity prices, our SIP builds will significantly reduce your expenditure

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