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Case Study – Robin Hood Junior School Extension, Sutton

Robin Hood Junior School is a community co-educational school for girls and boys aged from 7 to 11.

Based in the heart of Sutton, Surrey, they have 360 children on roll, with three classes in each year group.

We were contracted to build three classrooms comprising six modules and 250 sqm. of total floor area to accommodate an additional 90 pupils.

No external works were required.  The school also considered a traditional brick and block build, but the logistical and safety considerations involved in bringing materials onsite whilst children had access proved prohibitive.

In contrast, offsite construction and the fast, safe installation of modules was judged to be a much better solution for the school extension, particularly given the lack of space onsite, and the School's location on a main road with accompanying access restrictions.

The modules were built offsite from Kingspan TEK SIP taking 5 weeks, working to plans produced by architects The Hoca Practice and in collaboration with the main contractor, Walker Construction.

Onsite installation took a day, and was completed on a Sunday due to the requirements of the local authority.

Each module was delivered to site and craned into position.

The key challenge was the extremely tight tolerances (just 20mm in places) which were achieved perfectly.

The entire project - including the production of the modules, negotiating a traffic management plan with the local authority, and making all transportation/crane arrangements - was managed seamlessly in a quick, painless installation for the School.

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