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We understand that a quick return on investment is key to all building projects, and unexpected delays due to the typically-British inclement weather can often turn a profitable property into a moneypit.

When this is combined with restricted access sites, vocal neighbouring businesses or residents, and increasing amounts of energy efficiency legislation, the builder or contractor's task can become virtually impossible to complete on time and in budget.

Modular and / or panelised construction methods remove all of these headaches.  Offsite, factory-controlled production of the modular superstructure means that you are not at the whim of the weather, and you will have a weather-proofed building installed very quickly.


Our builds achieve Part L requirements for U-Value and airtightness and can meet Passivhaus standard if required. The use of lightweight SIP are ideal for airspace builds, and floor area is maximised due to minimal thru wall sections


We'll work closely with you as part of a comprehensive turnkey solution to present your client with the build they want on time and in budget, protecting your margins as we do so

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