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The desperate need for further housing in the UK, combined with government targets for low energy buildings, a shortage of skilled construction workers and costly project delays due to inclement British weather creates a perfect storm for property developers and self-builders, many of whom look to their architect to provide the answers.

This is where SIP Projects can help.


We will work seamlessly with you to ensure that your plans are realised within budget, timescale and according to all current government targets


Our factory-controlled engineering process means a more accurate superstructure with less material waste, offsite construction ensures onsite installation time is minimised, leading to significantly fewer noise and nuisance complaints and no weather-related delays


Our lightweight SIP make light work of achieving Part L requirements for U-Value and airtightness, and can meet Passivhaus standard if required


Just as importantly, we will work in close collaboration with you to ensure your clients' requirements are achieved exactly as you had envisaged during the design process. Our professionalism, commitment and exceptional workmanship will mirror your own to create a seamless experience for your client

For more information, call SIP Projects today on 023 9235 4680 or email your plans to for a speedy quotation

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