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Case Study - Airspace Project, One Bedroom Apartment

We were approached by the clients architect to build the airspace superstructure of a one bedroom apartment, as an addition, to an existing structure.

The architect was familiar with SIP having worked with it previously and liked the benefits of not only the thermal properties of the product but the fact that we could assemble the building in modules offsite and deliver and install on site very quickly.

This would also mean that disruption to the neighbours and surrounding area would be minimised as we would expect to be on site for only a day or so.

The architects drawings were originally produced for traditional construction however our modular design team and structural engineer produced 3D CAD drawings in modular format ready for the SIP to be engineered and sent to us ready for assembly.

The challenges facing us were significant considering the project was modest.  These included:

i) the fact that the building to be in-filled wasn’t square which meant that assembly and installation would be testing

ii) there would be only 50mm tolerance either side of our modules which meant our accuracy during assembly and installation would have to be millimetre perfect

iii) the fact that the parapet walls weren’t straight.

June 2015…we popped back to Lewes Crescent yesterday - it looks fantastic and has sympathetically blended into the area.

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