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Minimal Site Disruption


Quick Installation


Ideal for Airspace

Additional Storeys

With available building plots at a premium, airspace builds (e.g. constructing additional floors) have never been more relevant to property developers, architects and builders.

Whether converting a bungalow into a house (residential) or adding our unique floors to an existing office or apartment block, SIP Projects panelised or modular build methods combines quick return on investment with hassle-free installation.


Where loading weight is an issue our lightweight SIP from leading providers such as Kingspan, allow additional floors to be built where other, heavier construction methods fail


Modular superstructures can typically be installed in a few days dramatically reducing the amount of hassle and disruption for others in the building


Unsurpassed thermal performance meaning lower energy costs for owners/tenants alike and a reduced requirement for other expensive renewables, such as solar power


Fast and hassle-free installation meaning your project will not be unduly delayed by inclement weather conditions, and allowing quick return on investment for property development projects


On or offsite construction available depending on what best suits your exact requirements


Maximise internal floor area from a fixed footprint due to minimum thru-wall thickness

For more information, call SIP Projects today on 023 9235 4680 or email your plans to for a speedy quotation

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