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Additional Floors

Perhaps you have a bungalow that you would like to convert into a two-storey house, or an apartment building that you would like to extend with an additional floor. Regardless of your requirement SIP Projects can offer an ideal way to create more space and add value to your property.

Our design team will ensure that the external aesthetics of your new floor mirrors the rest of your home, so that the new space looks like it has always been there. What's more, offsite engineering means an onsite build time of days rather than months, which would be the case with traditional build methods, meaning less disruption for you and your family and other residents, and less noise and nuisance for your neighbours.


Modular superstructures can typically be installed in a number of hours - dramatically reducing the amount of hassle and disruption for you and your neighbours


The thermal properties of our primary construction material SIP are better than provided by most traditional builds, meaning lower ongoing energy costs for you


In certain circumstances, fully fitted modules are available depending on your requirements. We can work with your chosen contractors to fit kitchens, WCs, electrical/gas fittings, flooring, lighting, doors and windows in our factory before installation to ensure you can start making full use of your new floor immediately


Where loading weight is an issue, our lightweight SIP allows additional floors to be built where other, heavier construction methods fail


For pitched roof buildings there will always be a usable roof space with no need for purlins


On or offsite construction available, depending on what best suits your exact requirements


We work in partnership with your chosen architect and main contractor


Fast design and fabrication service working with existing drawings

For more information, call SIP Projects today on 023 9235 4680 or email your plans to for a speedy quotation

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